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Most beautiful places of the Dominicana


          This is a great article that is constantly updated with new unique content. If you are interested in the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic, then here you can find videos shot on a quadrocopter. Video filming was done by Nick Gulik.


Mountain redonda


            Back in 2015, this mountain was completely unknown to anyone, they did not take excursions here and there were only a few swings on the top. However, now it is one of the most visited places for tourists to nearby resorts, such as: Punta Cana, Bavaro and Uvero Alto. It is not surprising, because the mountain is really amazing and at the top is truly breathtaking! The height of Redonda is about 500 meters, the distance to the ocean is 3-5 kilometers, the view opens to the Atlantic Ocean, the Limon lagoon, the Redonda lagoon, and where is clear weather you can also see the Samana. At the foot of the mountain there is a parking, a small shop and a toilet, and there are also all amenities on the top. I attach a video from a bird’s flight shot on a quadrocopter of the Redonda mountain


Bavaro and Punta Cana


            The first and most popular cities among tourists. It has everything – excursions, photoshoots, beautiful places, rent, shopping, in general, everything that the you want! The nearest airport is the international hub of Punta Cana, by the way, it is also the first private international airport. The cities have a population of about 330 000 people, there are several hospitals, large supermarkets and a lot of different types of entertainment: bugs, high-speed boats, dolphinarium, zoos, etc.


Boca de Yuma


            A small village with a population of 2,000 inhabitants is located between the popular tourist cities of Punta Cana and La Romana. People are engaged in fishing, boating and restaurant business. Boca de Yuma is located on the rocky coast and is washed by the Caribbean Sea. Nearby is the river Yuma, because of which the city got its name. There is a sandy beach nearby, you can only get there by boat.


Bayahibe – Los Melones – Dominicus


            Very important tourist destination in the Dominican Republic! Here is the port from which sightseeing boats, yachts and catamarans sail. The origin of the name is not precisely known, but presumably it is associated with water and the coastal location, in many words of the ancient Taino who previously inhabited this land, the particle BAYA is mentioned. There are sandy beaches here, but there is a reef on either side. In the village of Los Melones there are shops, cafes, a sports field for practicing baseball and a small park with an artificial lake.


Wild beach “Costa Esmeralda”


            Wild beach near the settlement of Miches. The road here is not fun, but a little discomfort is worth it! If the road is not blurred by rain, then even a regular car can drive to this beach. Usually there are no people here, this is a wild beach with a soft and pleasant sandy coast and a warm ocean. The waves here are very big.


Private villas Cap Cana


            This residence is considered one of the most beautiful elite places in the Dominican Republic. There are beaches, mountains, a small marina for boats, restaurants and everything for the most comfortable rest. One of the best beaches of the republic – Juanillo is also here, Mount Farallon and many other amazing places. A distinctive feature of the residence is the calm and lack of crowds of people, there are no guided tours and entry takes place individually.


Wild beach Macao


            The most famous beach in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana is Bavaro. Both local people and tourists rest on it, some holidays are held here, there is a surfing school, photo shoots are held and hotels will appear in the future. Macau Beach is a very important place in the rest of the province.


City Santa Barbara of Samana


            The largest city of the peninsula Samana. Here you can feel the real atmosphere of the Dominican life, despite the fact that the city is very tourist developed. The population of the city is about 100 thousand. It is from here that the excursion boats go to watch the whales that sail here in January.


Wild beach Rincon


            One of the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic is the wild Rincon Beach. There are no people, no hotels, and real freedom of the Atlantic is felt. The beach is located in the north of the Samana peninsula, near the village of Las Galeras.


            I hope the article was useful and fully gave a visual representation of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic, I will happy if you comment on the video in YouTube, put likes and share it with friends, it will be great help in the development of the project! Thank you for your attention and sunny days on vacation 🙂

Video by the quadcopter Dominicana Punta Cana Redond Saona

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